ARP (ESSER III) Use of Funds Plan

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Edwards County CUSD #1 will utilize the ESSER III funds to implement strategies to provide a bridge for learning loss and mitigation throughout the District.  We are continually working on ways to close the learning gaps and to provide a way to safely operate schools for in-person learning.  These strategies are ever evolving and are not limited to the following:

1)  ESSER III funding will focus on mitigation and learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2)  Teachers and support staff will be compensated extra duties and support services incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic

3)  Supporting educators and noncertified staff with the materials to help combat learning loss

4)  Utilizing a multitude of support materials: textbooks, educational programs, online support programs, and personnel to bridge the educational gap

5)  Providing quality transportation to accommodate social distancing and quality air control

6)  Providing learning loss resources to educators

7)  Providing a quality and safe in-person learning environment

Edwards County CUSD #1 will implement intervention programs such as Aimsweb Plus, Learning A-Z, Wonders Reading Program, IXL Reading/Math, and etc. to help the academic growth of students and learning loss.  We as a district will also evaluate the social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students (low-income, students of color, English Learners, children with disabilities, homelessness, foster care, and migratory students) impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and facilitate those students as needed.

Edwards County CUSD #1 will also engage in meaningful consultation with stakeholders (students, families, civil rights organizations, school administrators, school leaders, educators, special education co-op, and other staff) to evaluate the needs of all students within the district.  By doing so, the district will have a more accurate approach at purchasing needed equipment, educational programs, educational resources, and transportation to better accommodate all students at Edwards County CUSD #1 to provide a safer and healthier in-person learning environment.

Edwards County CUSD #1 will provide the public the opportunity to have input in the development of the district use of ESSER III funds by allowing public comment at local school board meetings to address concerns of learning loss, mitigations, and students' mental/physical wellbeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edwards County CUSD #1 is optimistic that the funds presented by ESSER III will help with identifying those students that were impacted by loss of instruction from the pandemic and will help re-engage and provide support, through the purchasing of needed materials, equipment, transportation, maintain existing staff, and hiring new staff to close the gap and provide a safe in-person learning environment that has been produced from COVID-19.

All purchases through ESSER III will be directly based upon student need to address educational needs, health needs, and social/emotional needs.  The funds will also be used to support evidenced based practices to support afterschool and summer educational programs to address learning loss.  These expenses will be based upon information received from all stakeholders.

Edwards County CUSD #1 will implement an equitable and inclusive Return to School Plan that can be viewed on the district webpage to inform the public and parents of the policies and practices of the opening and day to day operations of the schools.

ESSER III funds will also be utilized to help support early childhood educational programs with a vast assortment of educational support to help determine the learning loss and close the learning gap that has been produced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.