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Edwards County CUSD #1 Remote Learning Plan

Edwards County CUSD #1

Remote Learning Plan (Revised 4/2/2020)

The Illinois State Board of Education has announced that remote learning will occur for the duration of the suspension of in-person instruction.  A remote learning day is defined as an educational program designed to provide continuation of learning for students under conditions that prohibit the learner and instructor from being in the same physical space. Click here for a printable PDF of the Remote Learning Plan.

The table below outlines district, school, teacher, student, and family responsibilities to support and encourage student engagement during remote learning.




  • Support schools in planning and implementing remote learning plans.
  • Help schools identify needed resources in the community (academic, health, social, emotional).



  • Implement remote learning plans.
  • Communicate regularly with stakeholders
  • Support teachers in planning and implementing remote learning plans
  • Help families find needed resources in the community (academic, health, social).
  • Provide educational materials to students/families



  • Make remote learning activities available in a timely manner.
  • Be available at scheduled times to answer student/caregiver questions.
  • Provide timely feedback on student work.
  • Communicate regularly with students.
  • Provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities that meet the needs of all learners during the period of closure.
  • Provide regular feedback to students on progress related to learning activities.



  • Review assigned work.
  • Complete assigned work by the due date.
  • Ask clarifying questions when you need help or don’t understand.
  • Be respectful to yourself, teachers, and peers.


Family Responsibilities

  • Review work assigned to the student.
  • Encourage students to get enough sleep.
  • Talk to students about their work every day.
  • Set sensible time limits for technology use.
  • Help students establish and follow regular daily routines.

To accomplish our goals during this time of Remote Learning, Edwards County CUSD #1 upholds the following principles:

  • All Students and families should have access to quality educational materials and to the supports needed to successfully access those materials.
  • Given the digital divide, schools will provide digital and nondigital access to content.
  • It is imperative that students and schools/teachers maintain personal connection that support necessary, rigorous academic work in a manner that is respectful of students’’ contexts (their mindset, feelings, responsibilities, etc.)
  • Simplicity is best --- teaching frameworks, communications, expectations, etc.
  • Support the whole child --- their mental health, nutritional needs, and safety needs

Below are the components that the Remote Learning Plan must address along with how the district plans to meet each requirement.

  1. Accessibility of the remote instruction to all students enrolled in the school or district.  Technology and packets will be utilized to provide students with the resources and the assignments needed for remote learning.  For students in grades 6th - 12th grade, chromebooks have been provided to those students that need a device in order to complete the on-line assignments.  In addition to on-line learning activities, some students will receive packets of learning activities to further enhance their learning.  During the remote learning days, the school district calendar will be followed.  In order to assist students and families, teachers will utilize the school website (www.edwardscountyschools.org) to list lesson plans and student expectations, other methods may be used as well.
  1. When applicable, a requirement that the Remote Learning Days activities reflect the State Learning Standards.  The on-line and hard copy activities that are assigned to students during remote learning days have been developed and assigned by the classroom teachers specifically for their class/students and consist of the district approved curriculum.  As a result, the activities align with the State Learning Standards for each subject and grade.  Teachers will use the ISBE Remote Learning Recommendations document to assist in their lesson preparation regarding student engagement.  Guidelines have been provided to assist in this area.  Student engagment is not to mirror a normal school day but providing educational opportunities for continuity purposes.
  1. Means for students to confer with an educator, as necessary.  During remote instructional days, each teacher will be monitoring logins and Google Classroom to track student activity and will also be available to communicate with students/parents as needed from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. each day unless other arrangements have been made with the students.  Communication used during remote learning days may include e-mails, phone calls, social media posts, or other district approved communication tools. 
  1. The unique needs of students in special populations, including, but not limited to, students eligible for special education under Article 14 of the code, students who are English learners, as defined by Section 14C-2 of the Code, students experiencing homelessness under the Education for Homeless Children Act, or vulnerable student populations.  During remote learning days, consistent communication with students with special needs will be provided through e-mail, phone calls, or other district approved communication tools.  Staff will document the best efforts being made under the current emergency conditions to ensure ongoing growth and progress and to continue serving these students to the greatest extent practicable by tailoring remote learning that provides educational benefits to students with disabilities.  Methods may include regular communication, scaffolding, and breaking up assignments into more manageable parts.
  1. Transitions from remote learning to on-sight learning upon the State Superintendent’s declaration that Remote Learning Days are no longer deemed necessary.  By providing remote learning activities and resources as well as monitoring the student’s work during remote learning days, the staff will be able to assess the students’ understanding of concepts.  This will lead to a smoother transition to on-sight learning and a better assessment of the concepts that need to be reviewed/retaught.  A Remote Learning Planning Day may be utilized the day preceding student return.



Remote learning is designed to support student learning and continuity of education. Grading is feedback and communication in a snapshot of time to students and parents. The aim, emphasis, and focus for schoolwork assigned, reviewed, and completed during remote learning is on learning, not on compliance.  Students are expected to continue with the learning activities assigned during remote learning and to complete all of the work assigned and reviewed during the remote learning period. Grades during remote learning days will be reported on a pass or incomplete basis.  The “new normal” for grading and assessment during remote instructional days will be to recoup, review, refine, finish year.  The grades a student had in March 2020 will not be negatively impacted as long as students complete the work during remote instructional days.  Students who do not complete the work, during remote instruction, will be given an opportunity to complete the work at a later date.  It will be expected for the work to be completed in a timely manner.  More guidance will be provided at a later date.

Dual Credit

For dual credit courses taught by a high school instructor, the online, alternative, or remote instruction that takes place should meet the standards for college credit.  So long as the coursework is being completed in these courses, students should receive credit for that work.  For those dual credit courses that are taught by a college instructor, the institution of higher education should work with the high school to transition those students to online, remote, or alternate delivery option.  Students unable to complete the dual credit course within the semester timeframe may be given the option to receive an “Incomplete”, with an individual plan to complete that work as soon as is possible, within the context of the credit granting higher education institution’s policies for completion of coursework.  If an incomplete is granted, institutions of higher education and high schools should work together to support all students with the development of an individual plan for the completion of a dual credit course, with a focus on students who are expected to graduate in the spring of 2020.  Students who wish to drop a dual credit class may discuss their options with Mrs. Biggs.

Student Attendance

During remote learning, daily student attendance will be tracked by the participation/completion of school assignments.  This data will help teachers identify which students may need additional outreach or support to engage in learning.  Considering there is much flexibility in the way students may engage in their learning activities, hard and fast deadlines will not be used as a method to track student attendance.  While daily participation in remote learning is strongly encouraged, it is not required. 

Social-Emotional Health

We recognize these are very difficult, trying times for our students and must be understanding and aware of the struggles that some may be dealing with.  Students may be experiencing life events which are enabling them from participating/completing school work, leading to added stress in their lives.  The social-emotional health and well-being of Edwards County students are of the utmost priority and the tracking of active lesson engagement will help monitor those who may be having a difficult time.  Teachers will attempt to stay in contact with their students as much as possible to assist in the monitoring of students safety and well-being.  If there are student concerns, faculty and staff should contact school administration or guidance.

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