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WSGS Announces Changes to Daily Routines due to COVID19

The following changes are being implemented at WSGS.  The changes are to help our school be compliant with ISBE guidelines to return to school.  Please help support the school as we are challenged to provide the best educational experience during these trying times.



 Morning Protocol


A Paraprofessional will be at the main door (#3) to certify that each student has their parent/guardian completed COVID sign off or they have completed the on-line certification.  At the time students enter the building they should have their mask on.


We are requesting parents do not enter the building to walk your child or children to their class or the gym.


On the first day of school, Fri. Aug. 14, as students arrive they will report to their homeroom and wait for the start of the day.  We are recommending students not be here before 7:45 a.m. because teachers will not be in classrooms until 7:45.  If a student arrives before 7:45 they will be asked to stay outside, weather permitting with social distancing.  If a student needs to come inside due to weather, they may have to wait outside their classroom door.  On the second day of school, grades 3rd through 8th will report to their homeroom once cleared at the front door.  Kindergarten through 2nd will report to the gym.  Again, we are encouraging students to not arrive before 7:45 a.m. unless they have a sibling that needs to catch the bus to ride to the K-12 building.


Students eating a school breakfast can still do so starting at 7:50 a.m.  Students will be dismissed to go to the cafeteria by staff members.


Door Buzzer/Office Protocol


There will be a table just outside the front door for parents to use to drop items off for students or leave an item needs to be delivered to the WSGS office.  Example: if your child forgot something like homework, their lunch, needs a change of clothes, paperwork for the office, etc… After you have communicated with the office via the buzzer, a staff member will retrieve and deliver the item.  This will help with outside traffic coming into the building as we are trying to keep the school setting safe for your child. 


Please be patient and understand the office staff will be doing a lot of running and may not be immediately available.  Also, please try to limit phone calls to the school.  Send notes with your child in the morning if possible. 




The walker bell will ring at 3:10 p.m.  Kindergarten parents can pick their child up by using door #4, which is the outside door to the classroom.  Parents are welcome to gather at the U-shaped benches outside the classroom.  Mrs. Greathouse will dismiss one child at a time when she sees their parent.  The 1st and 2nd grade students will exit door #2 which is by the cafeteria.  The 3rd through 5th grade walkers will use door #3 which is the main front entrance.  The Jr. High students will exit by using door #5 at the west end of the building.  Parents need to wait outside for their child.  If you have a student in Kindergarten and another student who you wish to meet at their exit door, we ask that you get the Kindergarten student last to ease congestion at the other exits.


If you need to pick up your child early (for a doctor appt., etc.), after buzzing in, the student will be brought to you at the door.  We ask that you send a note early to let us know that we need to prepare for your arrival.


Other housekeeping Protocol


WSGS will continue to use Jr. High students for safety patrol.


We will not start the school year off with student cafeteria workers but this could change at some point in time.


When students are in the building their mask must be on except during lunch time.  We ask that you send your child in a clean mask daily.  If a student forgets their mask they will be provided one for the day.


If recess or P.E. can he held outside, students will not be required to wear their mask as long we follow the social distancing guidelines.


Only four students are allowed in the restroom at a time.


Restrooms will be cleaned each morning.  They will also be cleaned mid-morning, noon time, mid-afternoon, and evening.


We would like all students to keep a water bottle at school.  Students will not be permitted to use the water fountain.  We are in the process of installing fountains that have touch-free bottle fillers to help eliminate students sharing germs.


All students will be screened early in the school year to help identify those who have regressed or skill areas that were affected due to last school year’s COVID and Remote Learning.


Music, Computer, Read Room and Library classes may be held in the classroom to eliminate traveling throughout the building.


Any time a student moves throughout the school we will be practicing social distancing.


If a student complains of not feeling well during the day, temperature checks will be done outside the student’s classroom door instead of the office.  This is so we would not have to shut down the office if a student has a fever.  If a student is being sent home due to illness, the student will be kept away from other students until someone picks the child up.  It is imperative that you and/or your emergency contacts are readily available. 


We will have our school social worker, Laura Simpson, available to help any students who are having difficulty dealing with the COVID pandemic.


Daily attendance and engagement will be required whether they are present at school or if they are home doing Remote Learning.


Any student who is participating in Remote Learning will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.


If you need to talk to a teacher please call the school at (456-8881).  If the staff member is unavailable they will get back with you first chance.  If you need to speak with a staff member in person we can make sure that is arranged as well.

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