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Changes to ECHS/AGS Routines Due to COVID-19 Announced

The following contain minor changes that will be occurring the Edwards County K-12 due to the State mandates that were placed upon school districts.  Administratively we provided little disruption as possible to the normal routines and schedules so we can continue to provide the best educational experience for all students.  Rest assured that ECCUSD #1 has your student’s best interest at heart and we will quickly return to our standard practices once the pandemic has ceased. 

Morning Routines

Paraprofessionals will be placed at all main entrances (doors 1, 3, and 7) to certify each student has a parent/guardian completed sign-off or, completed online certification, or to administer a temperature reading for students that do not have the above mentioned items.  Students are required to wear a mask to enter the building and be required to wear a mask throughout the day.

All busses will be dropping students off at door 3, the ECHS entrance.  This will provide shelter for the students, eliminate large amounts of students at one time, and there is no handrail for all students to touch.  AGS students being dropped off by car will need to continue to use door 7.  AGS Junior High students may be dropped off at door 1 or 7, and ECHS students may be dropped off at door 1.  Students that drive themselves to school will continue to park on the East side of the building and use door 3.

Students are not allowed to enter the building before 8:00 a.m. just as in the past.  Once a student arrives they are to report to class, or first hour class for Junior High and ECHS students.   The COVID guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education require no more than 50 people in any specified area at one time, so reporting to classrooms upon arrival is our only option.

The K-12 will begin serving breakfast at 8:00 a.m. Students eating breakfast may report to the cafeteria before going to their classroom.

Dismissal Routines

Dismissal routines for pre-K thru 5th grade will largely resemble what we have done in the past.  The only adjustment is that car riding students will wait in their classroom to be picked up, rather than the multi-purpose room.  Please continue to pick-up your student as you have done in the past.

AGS Junior High students and ECHS students will be dismissed according to locker number to promote social distancing and reduce the number of students in the hallways.

Town and West Salem bus riders will be dismissed from class by 3:20 due to certain busses running two routes.


Other Minor Changes

Elementary Music instruction will take place in the regular education classroom.  Instruction will still be provided by Mrs. Greenwood.

Cafeteria use is limited to 50 people.  The ECHS and AGS cafeterias and room 141 will be utilized to encourage social distancing.

Students will be required to wear masks at all times other than lunch time, P.E., or recess when social distancing guidelines are being followed.

Restrooms and cafeterias will be cleaned throughout the day.

Water bottles are recommended and they must have a screw type or sealing lid.  ECHS students are limited to “water bottle” type of bottles.  We are in the process of installing touch-free bottle fillers and the standard issue water fountains are not to be used.  We don’t want a student to go thirsty, so if they need a drink or need a bottle of water, please have them ask the office staff and we will supply one.

If a student is not feeling well during the school day, temperature checks will be completed outside the classroom door rather than sending the student to the office or the nurse.  If your student is being sent home due to illness, the student will be kept in the room adjacent to the school nurse (158) until the student is picked up.  Please update your emergency contacts as it is imperative that they are current.

Laura Simpson, our social worker will be available to help any students who are experiencing difficulty coping with the pandemic.

Remote Learning

Having fear to return to school or having concern for a family member that has a prior medical condition warrants the availability of remote learning.   Please be aware that if you choose to learn remotely, guidelines have changed significantly.

Referencing our District’s COVID plan:  If a student chooses to participate in remote learning, they will be subject to participation in 9 week intervals.  For example, if the pandemic ceases two weeks into school, students that chose remote learning would continue to remote learn until the end of the quarter.  Special Education students can return at any time if the Special Education Coordinator and the IEP team determine that it is in the student’s best interest to return.

Remote learning will be online for grades 2nd through the 12th grade.  Packet instruction with online contact will be the format for pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grades.

Daily attendance and engagement are required.  Junior high and ECHS students should be available during normal class time to receive instruction.  ISBE has recommended that remote learning replicate the normal school day with accountability placed on the student for attendance and participation.

Lessons will be live from the classroom and remote students will be expected to be online during class time.

Students participating in remote learning are not eligible for extra-curricular activities nor may they attend extra-curricular events. 

Office Protocol

We encourage parents to enter the building as little as possible and you must have a mask if you are entering the building. We encourage prior appointments for in-building meetings.  If you must come inside the building, please ring in at door 1 and someone will come screen you for symptoms and you must be wearing a mask.  We will have a table at the second set of entry doors at door 1 if you are simply dropping off materials for your student.

Again, we feel that the changes are minor in scope and we assure you that we can still provide one of the best educations in Illinois for your student.  We hope that the pandemic recommendations are short lived and we can return to normal as soon as possible.  Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and we hope that your family is happy and healthy throughout this process.


Preston Nelson

Preston Nelson
Edwards County K-12 Principal


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