Drop Off Procedure

Transportation Department: K-12 Student Drop Off Procedures

For a safe, smooth morning drop off

AGS car riders arrive from the south via Walnut Street. Proceed counter clockwise around the loop and stay in single file. Drop the AGS students at door #7 and if you have any ECHS riders drop them before the first yellow barrier so they may enter door #4.

ECHS car riders should enter the west entrance off Main Street. Proceed counter clockwise and head east on the frontage road. Drop your riders at door #3 and exit back out to Main Street. If you have Jr. High riders you may drop them near the west end of the frontage road so they can walk along the sidewalk to door #1. CAUTION: Keep the traffic flowing as there may be school buses behind you trying to enter the property from Main Street.

Student Drop Off

Click this picture to see a larger version of the drop off diagram.

SCHOOL BUSES use the west side of the K12 to drop off riders every attendance day until 8:15 a.m.

If you are walking into the building with your students you may enter the west parking lot and park among the staff member vehicles. Escort your students into the building. Please wait until after 8:15 a.m. to exit the parking lot to avoid being part of the school bus traffic.